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Pastor Tab - Live Audio

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We come from 'humble-beginnings' that started when the world was literally on lock-down due to the Covid-pandemic and social unrest. At that time, 10-years deep in ministry, Elder Tab knew she had to do something, so she immediately took to social media that March of 2020, feeling a burden to check on people she did and didn't know, by offering: love, laughs, and a safe place to apply God's word and just be human. 


Shockingly, the weekly check-ins became a thing, that one of the viewers called: TuesdayLive with Tab! With a growing audience of 500+ weekly viewers across the USA and internationally, around the globe, 'Pastor Tab' realized God was doing something she never expected... He was using this TuesdayLive community of family, classmates, and friends to launch a Church! 

Everyone is welcome!
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